10 Ways How to Score Cheap Discounted Outdoor Gear

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Cheap discount outdoor gear exchangeIt is nice to have the latest and coolest outdoor gear but the downside is that they often cost an arm and leg. Who wants to spend their mortgage or the price of an iPhone on some nice fad when you can buy an equally good one for a fraction of the price?

Well if you have the cash and are absolutely convinced you need that piece of gear, you could.

But you can as well wait for great end-of-season outdoor gear deals or acquire a premium quality pre-owned piece that saves you money and still delivers on the desired performance. If you are closely watching your spending, then the second option is a no-brainer.

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Here is a look at some of the best places to find some fine outdoor gear for a bargain.

Amazon Outdoor Gear Deals and Sales

Amazon.com offers great deals on outdoor gear on this page. You can also check for upcoming deals. Amazon Prime members you will get early access to these sales offers.

Steep and Cheap

This website is run by the guys at Backcountry.com and offers great discounts up to 90%! Check out their time-limited “current steal” offers at the homepage, or the current discount deals sorted by brand or category.

Buying Cheap Outdoor Gear from your Local Outdoor Outfitters

Some outdoor outfitters such as REI may not sell used products but they certainly have plenty of returns and rentals. Occasionally, they may have garage sales where you can snap these at dirt cheap prices.

To make the most of these garage sales, you will need to have membership with REI. Inquire more about the garage sales and membership options with any local store stocking REI products.

Buying your used outdoor gear from brick and mortar stores is, in fact, more advantageous than buying online as you get to physically see the product before you make a purchase. That gives you a better impression of the condition of the gear than relying on online pictures and descriptions.

You can also look out for the local online listings for all the stores in your town that sell used gear. This could be limited in scope but you can still get some great deals.

GearTrade.com – Buy, Sell and Swap Used (and New) Outdoor Gear

GearTrade.com is one of the biggest marketplaces for new and used outdoor equipment. GearTrade offers buyers great protections, granting you up to 72 hours to inspect equipment and return it if does not meet their quality standards. You can find amazing discounts on new and used backpacking gear, camping gear, hiking gear and more. You also can list your used outdoor gear for sale here.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op – Gear Swap

This is a Canadian equipment retail marketplace that is similar to REI, but allowing you to buy or sell used outdoor gear. Unlike eBay and Craiglist, all the listing submissions on this platform are pre-approved so there is some quality control which bodes well for many buyers. Don’t forget to do your due diligence, though.

Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post is an off-price store that has been around since 1986. It is a brick and mortar store that stocks various categories of outdoor merchandise including outdoor recreation gear, apparel, footwear, fitness gear and adventure gear among others.

The company also sells via its website so you can always order online if they don’t have a store in your city. There are thousands of brands to pick from. Their websites clearance section offers average savings of 70%.


Craigslist is a favourite marketplace for many sellers of used cheap outdoor gear but make sure you use some take some basic precautions as this is also a haven of many scammers. You can find some really cool gear deals on this marketplace.

A great and not so known way to find the item you need is to set up alerts using IFTTT. Just create a IFTTT recipe using specific keywords for the item(s) you are looking for. Once a new item is listed you will get an alert on your phone or email, which enables you to be the first to contact the seller and get the deal.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for your used outdoor gear on Craigslist:

  • Check for CL postings with pictures
  • Check if the ad includes a detailed description of the gear being sold including the necessary useful specs you are looking for and a history of the gear’s use.
  • Has the seller listed the gear for below the market price?
  • Check to ensure that the gear has all the parts
  • Inquire with the seller if the gear is in excellent condition. If there are issues with the gear, ask the manufacturer for detailed description of the issue or damage and determine if that is something that you can live with.


eBay is an even bigger marketplace than Craigslist and you can find a broader range of new and used outdoor gear for sale here from various brands. eBay also provides excellent features for comparison shopping for someone looking for great deals, some specific features, makes or models. Check out the latest outdoor gear deals on eBay here…

Look up the sellers’ eBay history to determine if they are trustworthy and have excellent reviews. In case you are unsure with any aspects of the listing made, make sure you ask all the right questions before making purchase.

Other Online Communities

Apart from the above listed marketplaces, you can also leverage enthusiastic audiences in various other smaller online outdoor communities to buy and sell your outdoor gear. Just search Google for communities in your area. Many people tend to overlook these but they are some of the best places to score some great deals.


You don’t have to save for months or years if you are looking for nice outdoor gear. Next time you are shopping for great pieces, just go for quality pre-owned stuff  or wait for special deals and offer and save tons of money in the process.

The best thing is that if you are tired of your used gear, you can also sell them in any of these marketplaces and recoup your investment. At the end of the day, you will have had an awesome time with your gear while spending almost nothing!

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