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Have you ever walked out in the rain with your waterproof jacket just for water to roll right off onto your legs? Us too. The options for water-blocking jackets and tops can seem nearly endless, but we can’t seem to figure out why this hasn’t existed for pants. Sure, you could buy rain pants, but they’re often made from ultra-restrictive and non-breathable material.

And who wants to walk around in Vanilla Ice’s parachute pants anyway?

From the ever-raining city of Portland, Oregon, the folks at MINIM knew there had to be a better way. The MINIM Pants were created with one goal in mind: to keep us dry without compromising comfort. That’s why they’re constructed using innovative high-tech fabric, creating a garment made to brace the rain, wind, and snow.

Minim Comfortable but Waterproof Athletic Pants

8k Waterproof Fabric but Softer than Cotton on the Skin

The fabric is engineered with three thin layers. The outer face is a four-way stretch, brush resistant polyester. This helps deflect stains, wind, and dries incredibly quick. The inner lining is brushed polyester fleece which provides a feel to the skin even softer than cotton and helps retain body heat.

In between these two layers lies a membrane that is not only waterproof to 8k but also breathable due to its micro-pore construction. This creates the ultimate tool for your early morning hike, afternoon soccer game, or even spring skiing.

Comfortable and Waterproof Stylish Athletic Pants

Waterproof Stylish All-Activity Pants for Everyday Wear

They also work surprisingly well for lounging around or going out with friends because of their soft feel and tailored fit. Instead of designing them with the typical, baggy sweats style, MINIM’s pants are slimming and fit to the contour of its user’s legs, resembling track pants.

Because of this style, you can pair them with a rain jacket, hoodie, or even a polo to fit the look for multiple occasions. Additionally, each pair is made with fleece-lined, zip close pockets, ankle vents, and a drawstring waistband.

Stylish Waterproof Track Pants

The Background Story

MINIM was born when snowboarders and Oregon natives Michael Williamson and Reid Paquet were tired of being cold and wet outside. In Portland, what would start off as an overcast morning could quickly turn into a torrential rainstorm within just a couple hours. Tired of needing to lug a rain jacket around wherever they went, they decided to make something better. They wanted a garment that could be comfortably worn whether it was wet or dry. Eight months of prototyping later, the Sentri Hoodie was ready.

After launching this hoodie, the gang quickly realized that a weather-blocking top was no good if the user’s lower garment couldn’t keep them dry. Even less options for comfortable waterproof pants existed than jackets. While countless activewear brands preach versatility, the clear majority of pants in the marketplace are only useful in dry, temperate climates.

With this problem in mind, the team put all their resources into making these pants a reality. The finished product is something you must experience firsthand to truly appreciate its blend of style, comfort, and protection. Whether you’re running in the rain, hiking in the snow, or taking a stroll under the sun, these stylish pants got you covered.

You can check out their Kickstarter campaign here where they have almost hit their goal of $25,000 just half way through the campaign!