10 Best US Colleges and Universities for Outdoor Adventurers

If you’re just beginning (or thinking about) your tertiary education and it’s not just the quality of academia you’re after we’ve got a list of tertiary institutions that are fully engaged to help you qualify for the only degree worth getting: 1. WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY From a vantage point over the San Juan Islands and […]

27 Unique Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts (2022 Guide)

So you’ve got this special friend or family member who loves to spend their time outdoors, but you don’t have any idea what to give them for their birthday or for Christmas? Here are some great Outdoor Gift Ideas, that is really unique and unusual. While we usually stick to writing about waterproof products, this […]

Best Dive Watches 2022 – Top Rated Watches From Affordable to Luxury

Dive watches are a great addition to any diver’s equipment list. Apart from the basic functions of a regular wrist watch, they’re great for measuring a diver’s elapsed time under water. Although diving watches have been superseded by personal dive computers, they still find their niche in the market.  Hold up, we know what you’re thinking. What […]

Best Inflatable Fishing Boats 2022 – Inflatable Pontoons, Rafts/Dinghies & Kayaks

To help you narrow your search for the best inflatable fishing boats, our on-the-water experts selected four of the best inflatables in the three main categories: fishing pontoon boats, fishing dinghies (rafts) and fishing kayaks. Once inflatable boats began to flood the recreational market after World War II, some of the air was taken out of the fiberglass, wood […]

The 8 Best Backpack Rain Covers – Extra Protection against the Elements

If your budget isn’t quite compatible with the price point of the average waterproof backpack, then you may want to consider investing in a less expensive product – the waterproof rain cover for backpacks. Think of it as a raincoat for your backpack. After many hours spent on research, gathering opinions from the critics and other […]

How to set up a Tent in the Rain? It starts at home

Many campers, especially backpackers, know to check the weather forecast in the region they are planning to spend their overnights before leaving home. But rain is invevitable. By always preparing before leaving your driveway, you can still conquer the challenges that come with it. In this article you will learn how to set up a […]

How to Make Coffee When Camping – The Best Camp Coffee Brew Methods

When is camping and making coffee the most fun? When you camp around friends who think they can’t drink coffee in the wilderness because there is no electricity for a grinder, coffee maker or espresso machine. Coffee making at a campsite gives the ego-thirsty camper a chance to show off his or her wilderness cred […]

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