8 Waterproof Dog Coats & Jackets that Keep Your Dog Warm and Dry

Famous cartoonist Charles Schulz hit the nail on the head with that one – indeed, happiness is a warm puppy. After all, whoever said that Fido or Snoopy couldn’t join you out on the trail, the summit, or the campsite? If you truly consider your dog to be your best friend, then you should consider […]

Best Waterproof Hunting Boots for Men & Women – The Top Picks Reviewed

If you’ve ever reached your rig only to immediately rub your feet or painstakingly pluck small balls of cacti from your boot laces after a long day of hunting, you just ended another day in the grueling course called Best Hunting Boots 101. If, at day’s end, these kinds of pains are ending something intended […]

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Best Waterproof Boots for Outdoor Buffs ?

Take a look at our Best Waterproof Boots Guide for whatever endeavor your footwear demands. Whether hiking, camping, running, hunting or simply tromping through snow to school or work, the worst way to start your morning is with drenched socks and the sounds of slosh and swish inside your boots — even worse than grounds in your […]

Best Wading Boots for Fly Fishing – Expert’s Top Picks for Men & Women

No matter what footwear you relied upon in the past for wading streams or other waters, you know how adrenalin takes over every ounce of common sense you possess when your reflexes innately turn you toward a sudden rise from a fish to the side or rear. In an unconscious reflex, you pivot toward the […]

Best Waterproof Trail Running Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

Compared to normal running, trail running exposes you to “not-so-forgiving” terrain, and as a result of this, shoes designed specifically for trail running are a good investment in your health and well-being. Trail running shoes offer more protection against rocks, feature special rubber outsoles for good traction and grip, and are generally made up of […]

The Best Waterproof Work Boots for Higher Comfort and Dry Feet

Waterproof work boots, depending on the nature of your job, are equally as important as waterproof hiking boots, rain jackets,  rainproof tents and other outdoor rain gear. If you work in construction, various engineering fields, surveying, logging, or just about any job that finds you outdoors and exposed to the elements, it might be a good idea to consider […]

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