Waterproof Cast Cover for Swimming and Showering – Buyer’s Guide

What’s more annoying than having a broken hand, foot, or any broken limb, for that matter? Trying to prevent it getting wet!

Whether it was in a skateboarding accident, a slip and fall at a family gathering, a fall on a house painting project, or whatever the case, a broken limb with a bulky, non-waterproof cast no longer has to be a hinderance to you.

If you want the pleasure of showering freely without having to stick your arm cast in the air, or your foot cast outside the shower door, or if you want to hit the pool or beach with your signature-laden cast, we’ve found the best waterproof cast covers to do the job.

Apart from the obvious inconvenience in the shower, rain, or pool, it’s important to keep your cast dry. Moisture weakens plaster, and damp cotton lining inside the cast can lead to irritation, rash, or infection. Most importantly, a wet cast can lose its shape and will not be able to offer the support that your broken or fractured limb needs. So, when the doctor insisted that you keep your cast dry, he/she really meant it.

Now, there’s good news, and then there’s bad news. Naturally, we’ll give you the bad news first. The bad news is that there aren’t much waterproof cast covers or liners on the market, and of the few that are there, it’s a bit of a task in choosing which is the best.

The good news, however, is that we at All Things Waterproof, have done the research for you. We’ve taken that task away from you, read all the reviews we could find, chatted with the experts, spent endless hours gathering as much information we could find, and have prepared for you, a list of the best waterproof cast covers for swimming, and water exposure in general.

Editors’ Pick: Dry Pro Waterproof Cast & Bandage Cover Protector

The waterproof cast cover that really caught our eyes is the Dry Pro Waterproof Cast & Bandage Cover Protector.

It fits perfectly on arms and legs, and is safe for bathing, showering, and swimming. It’s 100% reusable and it’s patented vacuum seal design is guaranteed to keep your cast dry. If you’re not quite convinced, let’s take a better look at this and some other good ones.

Dry Pro Waterproof Cast & Bandage Cover Protector for Arms and Legs


  • Vacuum seal design
  • Available for both arms & legs
  • Great for casts & bandages


  • Helper needed to put this on with a full leg cast

This waterproof cast cover by Dry Pro is completely watertight, keeping your casts and bandage dry. Dry Pro offers its patented vacuum seal design in this product to keep you dry. It’s available in a variety of sizes, and even has a large full leg design. It’s perfectly safe for full water submersion, allowing you to jump off diving boards into pools, or battle the ocean waves, while keeping your bandage or cast completely dry.

BLOCCS Waterproof Protector for Casts & Dressings (Arm & Leg)


  • Reusable
  • Soft & flexible
  • Available for both arms & legs
  • Available for Adults and Children


  • Rubber may cause allergic reaction

BLOCCS has designed a waterproof cast protector that enables the wearer to shower, and even swim with confidence. It’s suitable for people with plaster casts, as well as bandages and dressings for wounds. It’s perfectly reusable, made of soft, flexible rubber, and creates a watertight seal. It comes available for both your leg, and arm. A version for children is also available.

Walgreen’s Reusable Waterproof Cast & Wound Protector (Leg)


  • Good for showering & swimming
  • One-handed application
  • Reusable
  • Good for Wound Protection too


  • no arm protector available

Walgreen’s Reusable Waterproof Cast & Wound Protector is great for showering, bathing, and swimming, and is fit for easy one-handed application. It’s completely reusable and lasts the life of the cast or bandage. A tight, waterproof seal is created between the water and your limb, with this cast protector.

VIVE Waterproof Cast & Dressing Protector for Arms and Legs


  • Easy to put on
  • Fits all sizes
  • Available for arms and legs


  • a bit fragile

This waterproof cast protector is easy to wear, and locks out water, allowing you to shower, and swim comfortably without compromising your cast, and/or bandages. It’s constructed from heavy-duty, hypoallergenic vinyl. It features an easy grip-ring top pull the waterproof cast protector on with one hand, and fits all sizes. Available for arms and legs.

Waterproof Cast Cover Buyer’s Guide 2019

There’s really not much to be said, as far as the criteria we used tor review these waterproof cast covers is concerned. However, there a few important things to keep in mind.

 “Well, Duh!” – Waterproof

This goes without saying, but finding a waterproof cast protector that is waterproof is kind of obvious. Brands that feature vacuum seal design, or airtight designs are ideal. Remember, keeping water away from your cast is important for plenty reasons, including personal hygiene and health. A wet cast can lengthen your recovery time significantly.

 “Jeez, I’m Running Through These Things Like A Marathon” – Reusable

Finding a waterproof cast protector that’s reusable can be convenient, make your life much easier, and save you a lot of money. It’s more of a headache having to toss out a cast protector each time you shower, or go to the pool or beach, as opposed to simply hanging it to dry, and reusing it when you the need arises.

 “This Thing Is Damp & Itchy” – Material

A cast is hot, itchy, and uncomfortable to begin with. Finding a waterproof cast protector made from the right materials is imperative, as it directly relates to waterproofing. A good airtight cast may keep you extra warm at the beach, but you can guarantee that it will keep your foot dry.

After all, the cast is hot already, the last thing you need is for it to be hot and damp. Now, that is a bad combination. Waterproof cast protectors made of rubber, vinyl, or polyethylene materials are great at keeping water out.

 “Well, There Goes My Arm Now” – Ease of Application

A waterproof cast should be easy to put on, and likewise, easy to remove. If you have a broken or fractured limb, it ’s better to find a waterproof cast protector that requires little to no assistance to put on. The last thing you need is to break your arm trying to apply the cast protector to your already broken leg.


First and foremost, we at All Things Waterproof wish you a speedy recovery, and we hope we’ve been a great help in choosing the perfect waterproof cast cover for swimming and showering. There’s now no reason to let your cast hinder you from enjoying life.

Get out to the pool, go to the beach, and take a shower confidently without the inherent fear of ruining your plaster cast, because with the best in waterproof cast covers and protectors, there’s no excuse not to do the things you love.

Waterproof Cast Cover for Swimming and Showering – Buyer’s Guide

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