6 Marine Grade Waterproof Boat Speakers that will Rock Your Boat Cruise

You’re out on the open blue surrounded by miles of crystal clear water. In the company of good friends, your hair ripples in the cool breeze just the same as your 25ft. cabin cruiser does in the water below.

The sun shines down on what is set to be an epic day and you almost feel like you’re in a summertime music video.

Except, there’s no music. You just couldn’t find the perfect set of waterproof speakers for your boat. Or better yet, you’ve found at least a thousand waterproof boat speakers, but “too much choice dilemma” has set in.

Fear not, as always, All Things Waterproof is here to save the day. We’ve done what we do best, which is, searched for as much information as we could humanly find, spent countless hours and endless days reviewing and researching the best waterproof boat speakers we could find.

As we always say, you’re our friends so we’re more than happy to share this information with you, saving you time and energy so you can get back to your epic music video scene on the water as soon as possible – except this time with the best waterproof speakers in hand.

The marine speakers that really stood out to us are the Rockville RMS69W 6×9 Marine Boat Speakers (800Watts). These speakers are designed to deliver outstanding power, and sound quality in freshwater, saltwater, and any other extreme outdoor environments.

Highly rated in Amazon’s Marine Electronics Category, these waterproof boat speakers are lightweight, built to last and can handle twice as much power as other marine speakers on the market. These have definitely earned their way to our Editors’ Pick in waterproof speakers for boats. Keep reading and take a look at some more of the best waterproof marine speakers.

The 6 Best Waterproof Boat Speakers 2019

Rockville RMS69W 6×9 Waterproof Boat Speakers (800Watts)


  • 800 watts (combined)
  • Powerful w/ increased sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof & Rust-proof
  • Durable
  • Neo magnet tweeter & subwoofer


  • Not portable

These 2-way, 400-watt waterproof marine speakers come as a pair and are ideal due to their fully marinized, waterproof and rustproof design. Their built-in crossover network improves sound quality, filtering out unwanted frequencies. They feature neo-magnets in the tweeter and subwoofer, increasing power handling and sound quality, and making them half the weight of other marine speakers on the market. These waterproof boat speakers are CEA compliant and are perfect to have for tunes while fishing.

Pyle Dual 6×9 Marine Grade Weatherproof Boat Speakers


  • 260-watts (combined)
  • Waterproof & rust-proof
  • Increased sound quality
  • Multifunctional


  • Permanent mounting

With their marine grade weatherproof construction, the Pyle 6×9 Marine Speakers have 260-watts of power, featuring a 2-way speaker design with rust-proof mesh covers and a molded ABS plastic bucket reducing distortion. These waterproof speakers are multifunctional and can provide tunes for marine vehicles, as well as automobile and off-road vehicles. Dual cone, full range stereo sound reproduction provides increased sound quality.

Magnadyne Wr40B Waterproof Marine & Hot Tub Speakers


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-functional


  • 50 watts – not that powerful
  • Not portable

Rated at 25 watts each, these waterproof marine speakers are great for any outdoor application due to their water resistant qualities. Constructed with a full plastic encasement frame and permanently attached grille, these speakers also serve as an exact replacement for many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) hot tub speakers. It works out even better if you’ve got a hot tub on your boat!

Poly-Planar 6” Round Marine Grade Boat Speaker


  • Waterproof & corrosion-proof
  • Great in saltwater environments
  • Durable
  • Low magnetic field


  • Permanent mounting
  • 80 watts – not that powerful

These 6” coaxial marine speakers pack 80 watts per pair. Fully waterproof and corrosion proof, they are perfectly designed for permanent outdoor use – even in saltwater environments. Coated internal wiring prolongs the life of these waterproof boat speakers, heavy duty ABS plastic frames make them durable, and a low magnetic field prevents interference with compass and autopilot systems. These speakers can even handle a hose down when it’s time to clean the boat.

ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged & Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


  • Portable
  • Durable & multipurpose
  • Buoyant – it floats
  • Wireless & wired connectivity


  • Not fully corrosion-proof
  • Buttons are a bit stiff

No installation needed – this is a major selling point for the ECOXBT. This portable, wireless waterproof marine speaker pairs easily to electronic your devices and features 100% waterproof engineering with a sealed speaker enclosure. It’s multipurpose built, in that, you can use it while you’re on your boat, or when you dock to wade around.

Wired & wireless connectivity facilitate up to 10 hours of unplugged play, convenient for transportation or batten down use, and its rugged design makes this waterproof speaker one of the best in marine speakers. It even floats!

Boss ATV69B 6×9 Marine Grade Speaker System (700W)


  • Durable & heavy duty
  • 700-watts
  • Waterproof & Portable
  • Wireless & wired connectivity


  • Does not float
  • Not fully corrosion-proof

With a capacity of 700-watts, these waterproof speakers are portable but suitable for boat and marine use. It features rugged, heavy-duty construction, and easy plug-and-play installation. Bluetooth connectivity makes this waterproof marine speaker great for outdoor activities. Unlike the ECOXBT, this doesn’t float, so we’d recommend keeping it onboard.

So Many Choices … So Little Time

Trust us, we understand there are countless waterproof products on the market, but it’s our goal to make your life easy and help you make the best decision in choosing a product. This is no different for waterproof speakers for your boat. You’ve read our reviews, you’ve seen our comparison table, and now you’re still wondering, for future reference, what exactly should I look for in a waterproof marine speaker. We’ll be nice enough to give you a basic outline of the criteria we’ve used in our marine speaker review.

 Fn = Function

What will you be using the speaker for? Is it for your boat? Is it for your paddle boarding adventures? Is it for fishing? These are some things to consider. You don’t want to take a speaker with a low output to compete on a boating trip with splashing waves, noisy engines, and rowdy friends. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a marine speaker to take on a quiet fishing trip on a flat, quiet lake, 1000-Watts of unadulterated speaker juice is probably overkill.

 “Watts” In A Name?

Similarly to what we mentioned in the ‘Function’ section, the amount of Watts you’ll need is going to depend heavily on where you’ll be mounting your speakers, and under what conditions. Generally, the more wattage you have at your fingertips, the less your speaker will need to compete with the elements and outside world.

 No Need To Be So Salty!

Although we didn’t mention it first, this is paramount for any marine speaker. The last thing you need is to spend loads of money on a speaker for your boat and it gets water damaged within the first few minutes of your trip. Consider speaker options with rust-proof grilles to prolong the life of your equipment.

 Just Because….

Some additional features you might want to consider are; whether or not the waterproof speaker is portable, whether it connects by cable or wirelessly (or both), the weight of the speaker, and whether it’s buoyant – especially in portable models.

  1. Portable – Waterproof speakers that are portable are great for people who like to have their music inside and outside the boat.
  2. Wired/Wireless Connectivity – This is a matter of convenience, but can greatly increase the ease of use and overall comfort of the user.
  3. Weight – Generally the lighter the waterproof speaker, the better for the boat.
  4. Buoyancy – Especially important for the portable type marine speakers, this is a no-brainer. Whether you intentionally have your speaker floating and blasting Top 40 tunes as you sip Coladas in a water tube, or your butter fingers caused the speaker to fall overboard, buying a waterproof speaker that floats is not a bad idea – especially if it’s the portable type.
  5. Mounting & Interference – Choosing waterproof speakers with a low magnetic field can reduce the possibility of instrument interference. In addition to this, avoid mounting speakers close to compasses or magnetic instrumentation.


Now you know you don’t have to conform to the default sounds of the open water – although we know it can be quite soothing and relaxing. But you can now easily substitute the ambience with your life’s soundtrack. Nothing beats riding the open waves listening to you favorite track. With your new waterproof boat speakers, your outdoor, open-water experience has become that much better.

6 Marine Grade Waterproof Boat Speakers that will Rock Your Boat Cruise

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